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Flowers and Wreaths:
Grandview Memorial Gardens has a showroom with Silk Flowers for summer placements and offers Fresh Balsam Holiday Wreaths for winter decorating.  You can call and order with a credit card each season.

Flower Information:
Flowers vary each year but typically range in price with bouquets often priced at $18, $23, $29, $36 and a few larger yet.  Call us with your preferred price range and color or flower preferences and we will see what we have.

Grandview also has either 10 or 20 year Flower & Wreath programs where we place a Summer bouquet before Memorial Day and a Winter Holiday wreath in November. 

Pricing for the Extended Memorials with sales tax:
10 years: $810.94  ($750 plus tax)
20 years: $1621.88  ($1500 plus tax)

Most families give their preferences for the Summer bouquet, like Mom loved purple or lilies preferred, etc and we try to select a bouquet appropriate.

Holiday Wreath  $42.00 but subject to change. (We pay the sales tax.)  Payments by credit/debit card are subject to surcharge. 

Wreath Information: Reminder Postcards mailed middle of October and our goal is to have wreaths set on stakes on grave sites by Thanksgiving before the ground freezes.  We will remove the wreaths in March or sooner if the ground thaws and weather permits.  Worry free decorations where we do the placement and removal for you!
Wreaths work great on the Mausoleum crypts and smaller swags are an option for Cremation niches.  Swags for the cremation niches are $23.00 each.