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Grandview Memorial Gardens has approximately 18 groomed acres and is divided into 6 individual and distinct Gardens.


Honor Garden: As you enter the grounds, this garden is to your immediate right and is dedicated to the brave men & women that have served in our armed services.  It is the only exclusive garden reserved for veterans and their spouses &/or minor children. Please note that Veterans can choose to be buried anywhere within the grounds and do not have to choose a space in the Garden of Honor.

Garden of Prayer: This garden is just south of Honor & displays the Praying Hands feature or statue. Prayer has more available spaces in groups for your larger family needs. 

Garden of Christus: Straight ahead within the circular drive, Christus has been the premier garden within the cemetery with lots priced slightly above the other gardens.  The new Cremation Garden within a Garden is a further enhancement to Christus and you will find many opportunities to stroll the new sidewalk as you visit the graves of your loved ones. The welcoming Jesus feature has outstretched arms welcoming you to the garden.

Garden of Devotion: This is the very private garden to the left or north side of the cemetery.  It too, has been enhanced by the additon of a Cremation Garden & a sidewalk to lead you into the garden.  Notice that the Lord's Prayer feature has also been refurbished and perennial plantings are being added to enhance the garden.

Garden of Good Shepherd: This garden is a two part garden in that the drive splits it as you drive to the right or south upon entering the cemetery. Good Shepherd is the most level of the gardens and has both mature trees & groomed turf within its bounds.  The garden is enhanced by a bird bath and perennial garden on one side and a statue of Jesus holding a lamb on the other half of the garden.

 Garden of Last Supper: This is also a two part garden split by the road that runs up to the small Last Supper Mausoleum.  Last Supper is also a more private garden and many wildlife and naturalist type individuals prefer the sites high on the hills where the naturalized wooded hillside provides a backdrop to the manicured grave sites.